Going from generic to unique: How we increased Super7’s abandoned cart flow conversion rate by 165%

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The Challenge

Super7 is a premier pop-culture design brand, producing lifestyle collectibles, toys, and apparel. Their original abandoned cart flow had three emails, but they were in serious need of a makeover to improve their conversion rate.

In the image below, you’ll see examples of the three original abandoned cart emails. Note the generic design and copy, following the same template for each email. On top of being generic, some content was out of place. For example, in the third follow-up, instead of sharing information about the abandoned products, the email tells shoppers to join the brand’s community. The emails also include other CTAs that distracted shoppers from finalizing their purchase, such as links to blog articles and products the customers didn’t show interest in.

Our goal was to turn these into eye-catching emails that would stand out to shoppers and keep them focused on finalizing their orders.

Here are the originals below.

What We Worked On

  • Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Visual Design
  • List Growth
  • Full Service Email Marketing

Our Solution: Abandoned Cart Email 1

For the first abandoned cart email, we segmented subscribers between first-time shoppers and repeat customers. Now, each email has specific messaging for the type of buyer.

We sent these as plain-text emails in order to land in more inboxes, focus on customer support, and show off the brand's voice. In the version to repeat buyers, you’ll notice we push urgency by reminding them that the items are limited editions.

Our Solution: Abandoned Cart Email 2

We replaced the generic template with a witty, branded voice and stronger design.

Key differences besides the obvious?

Check out the button text, which says “complete my order” instead of “return to my cart.” It's important to focus on the end goal. That's why we highlight the action of completing the order rather than just going to the cart since we don't want shoppers to reevaluate their cart.

Instead of showing off complementary products, we added reviews. This is so shoppers don’t get distracted by other items when they’re already excited about the ones they had in their cart.

Essentially, we’re pushing them forward in the buying process, versus making them go backward.

Our Solution: Abandoned Cart Email 3

Not only is there a bolder design now to highlight specific products in the final abandoned cart email, but the email clearly focuses on the customer (and not the brand).

By this, we mean that Super7 connects with customers by talking to them as collectors instead of just shoppers. We also gamify the process with an engaging question that asks them to share their “collector style.” Finally, we highlight the value of the custom-designed toys to push urgency by sharing a practical reason for the shopper to make the purchase.

  • conversion rate improvement


  • increase in open rate


  • click rate improvement