How changing Satechi's lead capture offer boosted capture three folds

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Email Marketing

The Challenge

From hubs and adaptors to wireless chargers, Satechi is a premier destination for sleek and affordable Apple-focused tech products and accessories. Our goal was to capture as many new visitors' emails as possible, to have the opportunity to encourage them to buy directly from Satechi, rather than going to Amazon for similar products. To do so we wanted to create a unique brand experience to catch the shoppers' attention, create a connection, and persuade them of the benefits of shopping Satechi.

Our Approach

Satechi started out by offering the typical 10% pop-up discount to capture visitors. We wanted to test another type of offer to see if it would increase their capture and conversion rates. "10% off" is a generic offer that doesn't surprise any shopper—it's very much expected and nothing too special. Instead we decided to give new subscribers a free cable ($12.99 value) with their first purchase. Receiving a free product is more tangible, hence, more exciting. The customer can see herself making use of this item and can better grasp the value.

What We Worked On

  • Copywriting
  • Visual Design
  • List Growth
  • Full Service Email Marketing


Over a month-long period, the 10% off pop up had a 2.16% engagement rate, compared to a 6.47% for the Free Cable offer. Of the store visitors who saw the 10% offer, 29.76% placed an order during the same visit. Compared to 38.76% for the Free Cable offer viewers. Finally, offer subscribers entered a welcome email flow with a reminder of their discount code. The email delivering a 10% discount converted at 4.4% (with a 49% open rate), while the Free Cable equivalent converted at 5.7% (with a 60% open rate). In other words, the Free Cable offer captured 3x more emails, converted 1.3x more visitors during the same session, and converted 1.3x more visitors via the welcome email. Thanks to this unique offer, we were able to capture 3 times more site visitors and communicate directly via a welcome flow to help them find what they need.