How Office Oasis’ website redesign helped them combat Amazon competitors and drive a 59% increase in desktop conversions

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The Challenge

Office Oasis originally found a lot of success on Amazon. In fact, they were the original creator of the rollerblade office chair wheel. But, sure enough, other businesses saw the success of these wheels and started to build knockoffs, which quickly began to flood the Amazon marketplace. With increased competition in their number one marketplace, the Office Oasis team knew they needed a better way to communicate with customers about what makes their products different, specifically on owned marketing channels—like their website. Let’s see how Kevin and Fuel Made partnered together to revamp the Office Oasis website and build a strategy around owned marketing channels, and the results they’ve seen since.

Our Approach

Knowing that the rollerblade wheels are the most popular product at Office Oasis, we designed their new homepage to lead with the wheels as the hero product. From there, Office Oasis capitalizes on that traffic to drive users toward other product pages with complementary items that have a higher ticket price, such as office chairs and monitor stands. Since there are so many copycat brands, we made sure the new site highlights how Office Oasis stands apart from competitors, helping shoppers make the decision to purchase from Office Oasis and not another brand. The three brand differentiators we focused on are their high-quality products, stellar customer service and support, and promoting their “feel-good guarantee.”

What We Worked On

  • UX design
  • Custom development
  • Ecommerce strategy
  • Experience optimization
  • CRO
  • List growth
  • Full service email marketing


Office Oasis did have a live website before working with us, but the mobile conversion rate was low. Customers visited the website only to buy the rollerblade chair wheels without realizing how many other products are available in the catalog (the majority of search queries driving traffic to the site focused on office chair wheels and casters).

The team knew they needed to redesign their website to showcase their other products and make the mobile experience more seamless from discovery to conversion. These improvements had a great payoff: Office Oasis saw a 62% increase in its mobile conversion rate, and the new website improved their Google Page Speed score by 40% on mobile.

Additionally, the Office Oasis team wanted to make their brand’s overall mission more clear, which is to bring life to essential office products in a way that's modern, aesthetically pleasing, and functional so people can feel good in their office.

By redesigning their website, Office Oasis is now able to capture more visitors, engage with them across more channels like email, and share the true feeling of the brand’s purpose to develop stronger customer relationships. “From the feel the visitor gets when they first interact with our website, to the tone of our emails a customer happens to read, these small touch points really help give the customer an understanding of our brand and purpose,” said Kevin, the co-owner of Office Oasis.