Annual highlight: our team’s favorite website projects from 2022

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Throughout the past 12 months, our team worked on a record number of new website projects and CRO retainers.

It’s been a busy year and we’re proud of everything we have accomplished.

We want to celebrate these achievements with you by sharing some of our favorite projects and what makes them worthy of this year’s list. 

And hey, you’ll likely learn a tip or two! 

Here are the top five website projects we launched this year.


Screenshots of WANDRD's website on mobile.

Wandrd launched in March, and one of our goals was to communicate the value of their bags to a larger audience. Wandrd bags are well-known to professional photographers, but the team also wanted to reach travelers, commuters, creators, and other professionals. To do this, we created different collections to show off the various ways the bags can be used.

Screenshot of WANDRD's collections page on the homepage.

We also organized their site by bag style, activity type, and featured collections, which allowed users to quickly access the path to take that most suited their needs, rather than have to choose a product right off the bat.

“I loved working on this site because of the brand's fun backstory and unique products. They already had an existing, passionate customer base, so capitalizing on that by improving the site experience was a no-brainer. We've continued to work with Wandrd to A/B test and optimize their new site after launch, and it's been so fun to be part of their continued growth!”

-Erin DeCesaris, Head of Strategy

Screenshot of WANDRD's product description page on desktop.

“We had phenomenal assets to work with on the visual design side, since Wandrd’s whole team are accomplished photographers. I was able to bring a lot of that brand energy into the UI details, from their hand-drawn illustration overlays to animated hover states and targeted use of their specialty headline font style. Its end result is clean and polished, with a youthful, adventure-tinged edge.”

-Kellie Kowalski, Designer

Satchel & Page

Screenshots of Satchel & Page's website on desktop and mobile

Since 2012, Satchel & Page has hand crafted quality leather pieces. We worked with them to elevate their brand design to make the website look upscale and elegant. Another goal was to merge modern UI patterns with a timeless-looking aesthetic. The new website now matches the craftsmanship of the leather bags they sell—warm, classic, and high-end.

Screenshots of Satchel & Page's website on mobile.

“I’m really pleased with how the visual design turned out. The bags themselves feel warm and classic, so pairing a pale tan background with a blue cast slate foreground makes the interface feel inviting while remaining refined. I think the end result balances everything really well by using warmer neutral tones rather than the stark black and white, which is typically used to convey high-end luxury.”

-Kellie Kowalski, Designer


Screenshots from Milkshake's website on mobile.

Back in February was the official launch of Milk_shake. This Italian haircare brand is well-known for selling hair products for all sorts of hair types and routines. The brand is working on building its DTC presence in the US market, so we teamed up with them to help make that happen.

Looking for a new bright and energetic look on the brand’s website, the Milk_shake team reached out to Fuel Made to migrate the site from WooCommerce on WordPress to Shopify.  

Screenshot of Milkshake's homepage with the navigation menu opened up.

The new website is fresh and modern—without looking overwhelming to visitors. We also updated the navigation to allow users to shop by category (shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, etc), hair concern (curly, dry, color-treated, etc), and featured collections.

Screenshots of Milkshake's collections page and product description page on desktop.

Since the milk protein and fruit extract are key ingredients in Milk_shake’s products, we made sure to highlight them on various website pages.

“Our new ecommerce site performs wonderfully. In the first month, we hit a major sales record.”
- Milkshake

Lindye Galloway

Screenshot of Lindye Galloway's banner block on the homepage

Lindye Galloway is the founder of Lindye Galloway Studio—a full-service interior design studio. The team is well-known for its signature California style and sophistication. This year, they decided to launch an online shop for home furnishing and decor, helping design lovers achieve the signature studio look in their own homes. They partnered with Fuel Made to build their website, which we launched in August.

Screenshot of a block on Lindye Galloway's site that shows off a room and highlights key products that customers can buy from the image.

“Their store presented some unique challenges in marrying the UX between their interior design service with their customer-facing store, but the beautiful products, stunning imagery, and the great team made this one of my favorite projects of the year!”

-Erin DeCesaris, Head of Strategy

Snuggle Puppy

Screenshot of Snuggle Puppy's hero section on the homepage.

Snuggle Puppy launched in July. As a team of animal lovers, we were thrilled to take on this project. Snuggle Puppy sells plushies, blankets, and other animal products with its Real-feel Heartbeat® technology (a project that mimics the feel and sound of a real heartbeat for pets when they snuggle with it). This is a vet-recommended alternative to medication that has a dramatic calming effect on animals with anxiety. 

Pay special attention to Snuggle Puppy’s new homepage, which features a clear and easily-skimmable content hierarchy to show off the product. It also explains what the Real-feel Heartbeat® technology is and how it works, shows the difference between the original and new hero product, and shares the product benefits. 

Screenshot of a block on Snuggle Puppy's website that talks about their heartbeat technology

“This was just a fun site to work on! It's a unique brand with a really interesting product-market fit, and we got to work with them right as they were preparing to launch their new Hero product. I loved learning more about the brand's background and reviewing the UGC content was just fun for a dog lover like myself!”

-Erin DeCesaris, Head of Strategy

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