What content will you be having today? Asking subscribers for their interests and sending personalized content

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The Challenge

American Tall makes clothing designed for everyone who has ever been asked “how’s the weather up there?” In other words, styles designed exclusively for tall people. When American Tall expanded from men-only clothing to also include women's collections, they wanted to be respectful of every subscriber's interests. American Tall was already gathering emails with a simple spin-to-win wheel pop up but they had no reliable way of distinguishing their subscribers. They came to us to help them figure out how to do that.

Our Approach

Our goal is to only send relevant content to American Tall email subscribers. If they want to hear about men’s or women’s clothes (or both), we want to give them the ability to control that. For this to be possible, we have to first ask each subscriber for their preference. We do this by giving subscribers different opportunities to select their preferred content. This means they can adjust their interests either when signing up via a pop up, after a purchase via a flow email, or through any campaign's footer link. Then we set up segmentation within Klaviyo flows to send one of three content versions: Men's clothing, Women's clothing, or a mix of both.


We ask new visitors about their interests via a checkbox field in the lead capture pop up. This way, every new subscriber picks their preference before entering a welcome flow that fits their profile.

American Tall's original wheel pop up used to capture 3.73% of store visitors' email addresses. Even though the new lead capture pop up asks for more information upfront, its capture rate averages 8.56%.

Leads are then entered into a segmented welcome flow that converts at 11.06%. This is 2x higher than American Tall's old welcome emails which converted at 5.45%. This successful boost can be attributed in great part to the fact that we're now sharing more personalized content.

For profiles who sign up for emails via the site footer or at checkout, we give them many opportunities to share or update their preference. Every email they receive includes a footer link to "update their profile to receive customized email content". Moreover, 4 days after placing an order, if their preference isn't set yet, we send them an email asking them for it.

Thanks to these systems, American Tall is now able to target relevant segments when launching new products and communicating about their brand. The long-term goal being to respect their subscribers' inboxes and build stronger connections with customers.